Urban Economy and Finance Branch

Urban Economy and Finance Branch works with local governments in seeking answers to these questions:

  • How to increase own source revenues
  • How to improve service delivery
  • How to support job creation and youths
  • How planning supports a better local economy
  • How to design an economy-based market to link rural areas with markets
  • How to design a local infrastructure fund
  • How to create a small Public Partner Partnership for local infrastructure

At the personal level, we partner with city leaders to help them address their key concerns which in most cases include:

  • I have a successful case and want to document it (with the help of UN-Habitat) and scale it up.
  • I need support to design budgets for specific projects.
  • I have a good idea and would like to access potential grants

If you are a city leader and require services and answers, we encourage to you to look into ways of partnering with the Urban Economy and Finance Branch.

The Urban Economy and Finance Branch (UEFB) works on municipal finance (revenue enhancement, e-government systems, tax system, land registration for land value capture, and governance), and on the financial analysis of planned city extension (including but not limited to urban renewals and planned city infills, delivery of basic services etc.).  UEFB also provides investment scenarios, and support design of local infrastructure funds.

In addition, we work on youth and livelihoods. Under this, we are involved in supporting participatory approaches to Youth in informal settlements and low-income neighborhoods, providing vocational training adjusted to local context, and promoting entrepreneurship.

On Local Economic Development, we integrate urban planning with productive capacity of the city, improving value-chain and supply chains to make production and mobility better through urban economy analysis.

Head of Branch: Marco Kamiya [ marco.kamiya@un.org]


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