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Urban Basic Services Branch

Child washing hands in a Nairobi slum. © UN-Habitat

The Urban Basic Services Branch provides policy and technical support to partner countries and local authorities in the areas of water, sanitation, waste management, mobility, and energy. Emphasis is placed on equitable access to these urban basic services, especially for the poor. It promotes the development of clean, energy efficient, affordable, and human-centred cities that can deliver better services to their citizens, while at the same time making the most effective use of natural resources and cutting down on on fossil fuel reliance and energy consumption.

Head: Mr. Andre Dzikus
  • Waste Management Unit (SWU)
  • Urban Energy Unit (EU)
  • Urban Mobility Unit (UMU)
  • Water and Sanitation Unit (WSU)
Programmes, initiatives & networks:
  • Global Water Operators Partnership Alliance (GWOPA)


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