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Urban Legislation, Land & Governance

The Urban Legislation, Land and Governance Branch provides policy and operational support for governments and cities to identify reforms and to adopt laws and legal frameworks that effectively regulate urbanization issues such as land use, urban planning, taxation, housing, infrastructure, or safety. By promoting proven international guidelines and best practices, it supports the development of […]

Urban Planning and Design Branch

The Urban Planning and Design Branch supports governments and local authorities with tested approaches, guidelines, and tools to plan the growth of cities in an inclusive, sustainable, and future-proof way, in tune with social, cultural, economic, and environmental concerns and particularities. Efforts focus on making cities more liveable, productive, and inclusive through proper planning and […]

Urban Economy and Finance Branch (UEFB)

Cities are the main creators of economic wealth, generating over 70 per cent of the world’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Most industries and businesses are in or within immediate vicinity of urban areas, providing city residents with jobs. Since most employment opportunities are located within urban areas, cities attract large parts of a country’s job […]

Urban Basic Services Branch

The Urban Basic Services Branch provides policy and technical support to partner countries and local authorities in the areas of water, sanitation, waste management, mobility, and energy. Emphasis is placed on equitable access to these urban basic services, especially for the poor. It promotes the development of clean, energy efficient, affordable, and human-centred cities that […]

Housing and Slum Upgrading Branch

The Housing and Slum Upgrading Branch develops strategies, policies, and programmes to provide access to adequate housing for all, improve the living conditions in existing slums, and curb the growth of new slums. It focuses on improving the supply and affordability of serviced land and new housing opportunities, while also implementing city-wide and national slum […]

Risk Reduction and Rehabilitation Branch

The Risk Reduction and Rehabilitation Branch aims to increase the resilience of cities in the face of the impacts of natural and human-made crises. It also assists governments and local authorities in managing catastrophes through its disaster response services and early recovery programmes. The key areas of work include the prevention, protection, and early recovery […]

Research and Capacity Building Branch

The Urban Research and Capacity Development Branch monitors progress made towards the slum target laid out in the Millennium Development Goals and the Habitat Agenda, and seeks to improve knowledge on urban issues and to build capacity in dealing with urbanization at local, national, and global levels. Efforts are directed towards supporting the production of […]
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