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    Statements and Speeches

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    03 October 2016 - Dr. Clos Remarks during the World Habitat Day Celebrations in Chad

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    08 July 2016 - Statement by Dr. Joan Clos at the handing over ceremony of Kibera Soweto East Zone 'A' Slum Upgrading Project

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    1 June 2016 - Statement by DED Dr. Aisa Kacyira at the Smart City Expo Istanbul

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    1 June 2016- Discurso del Dr. Joan Clos en el XIV Congreso de Ciudades Educadoras, Rosario, Argentina (Video Message)

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    11 November- Remarks by Dr. Joan Clos at the Jane Jacobs Reception at the Rockefeller Foundation, New York

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    12 July 2016- Dr. Clos Message on World Cities' Report

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    12 October 2016 - Presentación en la Cumbre Mundial de Líderes Locales y Regionales, Bogotá (Colombia) (Dr. Clos Presentation at the World Summit of Local and Regional Leaders)

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    14 October 2016 - Closing Remarks at the Grassroots Academy, Huairou Commission. Quito (Ecuador)

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    15 October 2016 - Discurso del Dr. Joan Clos en la Ceremonia de Izado de la bandera de las Naciones Unidas, Quito (Ecuador) / Remarks by Dr. Joan Clos at the Flag Raising Ceremony of the Habitat III Conference

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    16 October - Speech SG Habitat III at Business Assembly, Quito (Ecuador)

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    16 October 2016 - Dr. Clos welcoming remarks at UN Principals Brunch with Local Authorities

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    16 October 2016 - Speech SG Habitat III at the II World Assembly of Local and Regional Governments/Discurso del SG de Hábitat III en la Segunda Asamblea Mundial de Gobiernos Locales y Mundiales.

    Download 301.08 KB 75 downloads

    16 October- Discurso del SG de Hábitat III, Dr. Joan Clos, en el X Foro Iberoamericano de Gobiernos Locales, Quito (Ecuador)

    Download 302.27 KB 39 downloads

    16 September. Dr. Clos presentation at the Madrid Habitat III Urban Breakfast. Madrid, Spain

    Download 5.97 MB 88 downloads

    17 October - Speech by the SG of Habitat III, Dr. Clos, at the Opening Plenary

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    17 October - Speech of Dr. Joan Clos at the Jane Jacobs Medal Ceremony Award, Quito (Ecuador)

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    18 November 2016 - Town Hall Message by Dr. Joan Clos, Secretary-General of Habitat III and Executive Director of UN-Habitat, following the Adoption of the New Urban Agenda in Quito, Ecuador

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    18 October- Remarks by SG Habitat III, Dr. Joan Clos, at World Cities Day Theme Forum, Quito (Ecuador)

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    18 September - Dr. Clos Remarks at the Policy Dialogue on Financing Cities. UNGA 71st Session

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    19 September - Dr. Clos Remarks at the High Level Summit on Refugees and Migrants

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    20 October 2016: Dr. Joan Clos speech at the Closing Ceremony of Habitat III following the Adoption of the New Urban Agenda, Quito (Ecuador)/Discurso del Dr. Joan Clos en la ceremonia de clausura de Hábitat III tras la adopción de la Nueva Agenda Urbana, Quito (Ecuador)

    Download 251.49 KB 157 downloads

    2010/11/02 – Dr. Joan Clos – Address to the 65th session of the UN General Assembly

    Download 31.74 KB 204 downloads

    2010/11/23 – Dr. Joan Clos – AMCHUD 2011 speech

    Download 48.21 KB 247 downloads

    2011/04/11 – Dr. Joan Clos – Welcome address to the 23rd UN-Habitat Governing Council, 11 April 2011

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    2011/08/12 – Dr. Joan Clos – Statement to the International Youth Day 2011

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