Statements and Speeches

21 July-Opening Keynote at the High Level International Forum on Sustainable Urban Development, Chengdu, China

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20 July-Presentation Commemorating the 20th Anniversary of UN-Habitat Presence in Fukuoka, Japan

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14 July-Closing Keynote Speech on the New Urban Agenda by Dr. Clos at the Congress of the Association of European Schools of Planning (AESOP), Lisbon, Portugal

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3 July-Presentation by Dr. Clos at the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA), International Week, London, UK

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01 June-Presentation by Dr. Joan Clos at the Saint-Petersburg International Economic Forum, Russia

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23 May-Speech by Dr. Clos at the Local Governments Summit, Cancun (Mexico)(Video Message)

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21 May- Speech by Dr. Clos at the Second UfM Ministerial Conference on Sustainable Urban Development, Cairo (Egypt)

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18 May- Discurso de Apertura en la Conferencia Internacional sobre Turismo Sostenible en el marco de la Nueva Agenda Urbana, Barcelona (España) (Video Message)

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15 May-Speaking Points for Dr. Joan Clos at the Second International Conference on National Urban Policies, UN-Habitat-OECD, Paris (France)

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4 May- Speech by Dr. Joan Clos at the New Urban Agenda, Melbourne (Australia)

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20 April- Remarks by Dr. Joan Clos at the Smart Island World Congress, Calviá (Spain) (Video Message)

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30 march- Dr. Joan Clos at OSCE Security Days, Viena (Austria)

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8 May 2017- Executive Director's Policy Statement at 26th Session of the Governing Council, The Brochure

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8 May 2017-Dr. Clos Opening Statement at the 26th Session of the Governing Council of UN-Habitat, Nairobi (Kenya)

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8 May 2017- Policy Statement by Dr. Joan Clos at the 26th Session of the Governing Council of UN-Habitat

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14 March 2017 - Presentación del Diplomado sobre la Nueva Agenda Urbana en TEC de Monterrey, Ciudad de Mexico (Mexico)

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13 March 2017 - Dr. Clos message to the EGM on Planning Compact Cities, Sevilla (Spain)

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9 March 2017 - Dr. Clos speech at the American Institute of Architects/2017 Grassroots Program, Washington DC (USA)

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26 January 2017 - Conferencia del Dr. Clos en TYPSA sobre la Nueva Agenda Urbana: Un Compromiso para la Prosperidad, Madrid (España)

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25 January 2017 - Jornadas sobre los Objetivos de Desarrollo Urbano Sostenible y la Nueva Agenda Urbana, Madrid (España)

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23 January 2017 - Dr. Clos Presentation at DEVCO Info Point Conference "Embracing the New Urban Agenda", Brussels (Belgium)

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19 December 2016 - Keynote Speech at the Asia-Pacific Ministerial Conference on Housing and Urban Development, New Delhi (India)

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30 November 2016 - Dr. Clos remarks at the International Day of the Educating City, Barcelona (Spain)

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21 November 2016 - Dr. Clos message to the EGM on Economy and the City Housing and Urban Development, Sao Paulo (Brazil)

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18 November 2016 - Town Hall Message by Dr. Joan Clos, Secretary-General of Habitat III and Executive Director of UN-Habitat, following the Adoption of the New Urban Agenda in Quito, Ecuador

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