Press Releases

2017/05/25-Expert Group Meeting on land tenure security developing a set of household survey questions for monitoring SDG indicator 1.4.2

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2017/05/10-Le partenariat ACP, CE et ONU-Habitat annonce un nouveau financement à hauteur de 11 millions USD pour améliorer la vie dans les bidonvilles

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2017/05/10-ACP, EC and UN-Habitat partnership announces a new USD 11 million for improving life in slums

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2017/05/09-New Approaches to Women’s Empowerment in a Changing Urban World

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2017/05/08-Opening UN-Habitat’s 26th Governing Council President Kenyatta wants the agency empowered

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2017/05/05-UN-Habitat’s Governing Council meets on implementation of the New Urban Agenda

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2017/20/03-London Conference on Planning for Rapid Urbanisation in the Commonwealth leads to a new methodology for sustainable urban development

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2017/02/01-World Economic Forum 'Harnessing Public-Private Cooperation to Deliver the New Urban Agenda’

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2016/11/26 - UN-Habitat Rehabilitated Damaged Houses in Ramadi and Handed them Over to Returnees

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2016/09/21 - Delivery of IDP Shelter Site in Aeon Missan, Missan Governorate (ARABIC)

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