A slum area in Indonesia. © Shutterstock

  • Total value of UN-Habitat investments (2008-2013): US$ 5,942,738
  • Total number of UN-Habitat projects (2008-2013): 11 projects
  • Main donors: Asian Development Bank (ADB), International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent (IFRC) Switzerland, United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Indonesia and the European Commission (EC)
  • Implementing partners: IFRC Global Shelter, UNDP and the Institute for Research and Empowerment (IRE)

Indonesia is a member of G20, the world’s fourth most populous country, the world’s largest archipelagic nation with 17,508 islands (6,000 inhabited) divided by the equator, located between the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean stretching from East to West at the distance equivalent to London and Moscow covering areas of 1,904,569 sq km (land 1,811,569 sq km, water 93,000 sq km) with 54,716 km coastline.

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UN-Habitat projects in Indonesia

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