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Please note that only representatives of accredited organisations may attend the UN- Habitat Assembly. Participants will be required to provide proof of their nomination by an accredited organization to attend the first session of the UN-Habitat Assembly.

  1. Organizations either accredited to Habitat II, Istanbul + 5, and Habitat III, or those having consultative status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) should write to express their interest to participate at the Assembly, and recommend a maximum of 5 representatives. The request should be submitted on the organization’s official letter head and signed by the Head of the Organization to reach UN-Habitat by 8th April 2019. All requests should be submitted to Ms. Lucia Kiwala, Chief, Partner Relations Unit at

        Please download the appropriate list using the link above to confirm your accreditation status.

  1. If your organization is not accredited, you may wish to explore the possibility of attending the UN-Habitat Assembly as a part of, or within the umbrella of an already accredited organization as explained above.

Participants will be required to provide proof of their nomination by an accredited organization at the time of registration.

Participants nominated by their respective organizations still have to register for them to be able to access the United Nations Complex from 25 to 31 May 2019. 

All queries regarding Ad-hoc accreditation for civil society organizations should be directed to Ms. Lucia Kiwala, Chief, Partner Relations Unit (Tel.+254 20 762 23025, email:

Ad hoc Accreditation closed on 21st March 2019

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