The Office for External Relations (ER) is UN-Habitat’s link to the general public, media, policy makers, and partners. It is organized into two branches, the Partners and Inter-Agency Coordination Branch (PIACB) and the Advocacy, Outreach, and Communication Branch (AOC).

Director of the Office of External Relations: Ms. Christine Musisi

The Secretariat of the Governing Council

Head of the Governing Council Secretariat: Chris Mensah

The GC Branch provides the coordination between UN-Habitat and its Council of Representatives from diplomatic missions.

The Advocacy, Outreach and Communication Branch (AOC)

The AOC branch designs UN-Habitat’s communication strategies and develops tools to create awareness about the organization, its mandate, and its activities. The branch is also tasked to organize events and campaigns such as the World Urban Forum (WUF) and the World Urban Campaign (WUC). Furthermore, it is in charge of the online communication of UN-Habitat, of producing publications, and of carrying out press and public relation activities.

Head of the AOC branch: 


  • Production Unit (PU)
  • Outreach and Events Unit (OEU)
  • Press and Media Unit (PMU)
  • World Urban Campaign (WUC)
  • World Urban Forum (WUF)

Contact Email:

The Partners and Inter-Agency Coordination Branch (PIACB)

The PIACB branch fosters relationships with partners, governments, and local authorities as well as other UN agencies to create synergy on projects and to guarantee efficient and streamlined cooperation.

Acting Head of PIACB branch:  Ms. Lucia Kiwala


  • Partner Relations (PR)
  • Government Relations (GR)
  • Inter-Agency Relations (IAR)