National Urban Forums

First National Urban Forum in Cameroon, October 2014

In recent years, a lot of serious efforts have been made by various governments to respond to the need of improved urban infrastructure and services including housing for the poorest section of the population currently living in informal settlements.

However, in some countries, there is still an urgent need for guiding the urbanization process through preparing and adopting effective and inclusive policies on housing and urban development, as well as ensuring their soundest implementation.

The formulation of a national urban policy should be the first step to ensure that urban growth in the next 20 years is creating prosperity and opportunities for all.

Because urbanization is a multi-stakeholder process, UN-Habitat encourages each country to hold regular National Urban Forums (NUFs), for all actors involved to discuss and advance the urban policy debate.

National Urban Forums have already been established with excellent results in a number of countries creating an enabling environment to promote dialogue and consensus among stakeholders, including national government, local authorities, grass root organizations, private sector and academia among others.

Based on the positive outcomes of past events, UN-Habitat strongly advocates for the consolidation of these multi-stakeholder gatherings into permanent platforms that can substantively contribute and mobilize the necessary support towards improved urban policies and programming.

National Urban Forums Guidelines

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