Projects in Vietnam

Project Title Start End Status Donors Project Value
Financing for Resilient and Green Urban Global Solutions 21-Apr-2016 30-Mar-2018 Closed Germany, Germany $3,197,280
Enhancing for pro-poor Water, Sanitation and Hygiene governance through improved decision-making and performance management 01-Jul-2015 31-Dec-2018 Closed UNDP (incl. one UN fund) $560,680
Strengthening national and subnational capacities in support of climate resilient low carbon development 01-Feb-2015 31-Dec-2019 Ongoing Adelphi Research GMBH $1,764,100
Support for Community-Based, Participatory City Development Strategies in Seven Vietnamese Cities 16-Dec-2014 31-Dec-2017 Closed United Nations Office for Project Services $495,968
Information Communication and Technology as a driver for urban prosperity 01-Nov-2014 31-Dec-2017 Closed Ericsson $1,514,262
Mekong Region Water and Sanitation Initiative in Cambodia and Vietnam 01-Aug-2014 31-Dec-2017 Closed Coca Cola Southeast Asia Inc. $600,000
Rapid Planning - Sustainable Infrastructure, Environmental and Resource Management for Highly Dynamic Metropolises 01-Apr-2014 28-Feb-2019 Closed At-Verband $5,310,760
Mainstreaming Multi-sectoral Urban Planning Framework and Governance in Vietnam through Policy Dialogues - Phase II 31-Dec-2013 20-Dec-2017 Closed UNDP (incl. one UN fund) $699,000
Green growth led development strategy and solutions 01-Jan-2013 31-May-2016 Closed Global Green Growth Institute $253,000
Strengthening Urban Observatory and Statistical Systems for Urban Evident-based Development and Planning Policies in Vietnam 12-Dec-2012 31-Dec-2017 Closed UNDP (incl. one UN fund) $309,501
Mainstreaming Strategic Planning Frameworks for City Development Strategy through Leadership Training 15-Jul-2012 31-May-2016 Closed UNDP (incl. one UN fund) $150,000
Urban Observatory System in Vietnam 01-Aug-2009 31-May-2016 Closed UNDP (incl. one UN fund) $299,999
Support to Development of Low-Income Housing Policy and Strategy for Vietnamese Cities 01-Aug-2009 31-May-2016 Closed UNDP (incl. one UN fund) $463,001
Quang Nam Provincial Development Strategy 01-Aug-2009 31-May-2016 Closed UNDP (incl. one UN fund) $439,000
Preparation of a proposal on Viet Nam: City Development Strategy for Thanh Hoa City in a Regional Development Context 01-Jul-2007 31-Mar-2009 Closed IBRD/World Bank $75,000

Implementing Partners registered in Vietnam

Partner Partner Category
Association of Cities of Vietnam Local Authority
Center of Live and Learn for Enviroment
Da Nang Institute for Socio Economic Development Civil society
General Statistics OfficeofVietnam Government
Quy Nhon City People's Committee Local Authority
Tam Ky City's People's Committee Local Authority
Vietnam Institute for Urban and Rural Planning Government

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