South Sudan

Projects in South Sudan

Project Title Start End Status Donors Project Value
Enhancing Women's Access to Land to Consolidate Peace in South Sudan 01-Dec-2018 30-May-2020 Ongoing UNDP (incl. one UN fund) $1,000,000
Scaling up establishment of One Stop Youth Centres for Peace and Development in South Sudan 01-Apr-2018 31-Mar-2019 Closed Japan, Japan $500,000
Peace and Developt Prgme in South Sudan: Housing for Veterans and One-Stop Youth Centres 03-Feb-2017 31-Mar-2018 Closed Japan, Japan $1,050,000
Quick Impact Projects - Urban Piped Water Project 01-Aug-2013 31-Aug-2016 Closed United Nations Mission in Sudan $594,000
Housing and Livelihood Support for Returnees in South Sudan 01-Apr-2013 31-Oct-2016 Closed Japan, Japan $3,200,000
Urban Water and Sanitation Project 01-Aug-2012 31-May-2016 Closed United Nations Mission in Sudan $594,633
Capacity Building for Land Conflict Management in South Sudan 01-Apr-2010 31-May-2016 Closed Canada, Canada, UNHCR $2,400,731

Implementing Partners registered in South Sudan

Partner Partner Category
Across - Juba Civil society
Association for Aid and Relief Japan Civil society
Association of Volunteers In International Service Civil society
Compass Civil society
Hope Agency for Relief and Development Civil society
Jur River County Development Committee Local Authority
Rombur Community Development Association Civil society
South Darfur State Water Corporation Private Sector
UNDP-South Sudan UN Agencies
UNOPS-South Sudan UN Agencies

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