Projects in Lebanon

Project Title Start End Status Donors Project Value
Preservation of historic buildigs in old Lebanese towns occupied by dispalced people 01-Jun-2018 31-Jan-2020 Ongoing United Kingdom, United Kingdom $2,470,036
Enhancing local governance and planning through empowering the regional technical office 01-Jan-2018 31-Dec-2019 Ongoing Municipality of Zurich $335,366
Support to Municipalities and Unions of Municipalities in South Lebanon 01-Nov-2017 31-Dec-2018 Closed UNHCR $195,050
Towards an integrated approach to address vulnerable refugee and host communities in Lebanese urban areas 02-Oct-2017 31-Dec-2018 Closed UNICEF $1,534,000
Improving Human Security through Neighborhood Upgrading and Economic Empowerment of Vulnerable Refugees and Host Communities 20-Dec-2016 19-Dec-2018 Closed United Nations Trust Fund for Human Security $496,480
Urban Crisis Response in Main Cities In Lebanon 01-Aug-2016 30-Sep-2018 Closed Norway, Norway $1,355,474
Promoting national urban policies and local urban systems through area based approaches 01-Aug-2016 30-Jul-2019 Ongoing Italy, Italy $1,639,344
Profiling Migration Impact on Lebanese Cities 01-Apr-2016 14-Oct-2018 Closed United Nations Office for Project Services $200,000
Urban Humanitarian Crises Accountable Grant 01-Feb-2016 30-Sep-2017 Closed International Institute for Environment and Development $31,643
Informing Policy on Plural Security Provision in Urban Contexts which are Comparative Insights from Lebanon, Kenya, and Tunisia 04-Jan-2016 30-Sep-2017 Closed Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research $68,028
Addressing the Impacts of the Syrian Refugee Crisis in Tripoli and Tyre 10-Dec-2015 30-Nov-2018 Closed Switzerland, Switzerland $1,111,035
Support to municipalities and Unions of Municipalities to Respond to Emergency Needs resulted from the Syrian refugees Crisis in South Lebanon 01-Nov-2015 15-Mar-2017 Closed UNHCR $285,155
Enhancing Access to Water and Sanitation in South Lebanon to Respond to Refugees and Host Communities Needs 01-Jan-2015 31-Jul-2017 Closed UNICEF $4,474,205
Enhancing the Role of Union of Municipalities to Respond to Refugees' and Host Communities' Needs 15-Oct-2014 31-May-2016 Closed UNHCR, UNICEF $6,196,036
Improving Living Conditions in Palestinian Gatherings Host Communities 11-Oct-2013 31-May-2016 Closed UNDP (incl. one UN fund) $369,966
Safer and Friendly Cities Fall All In Greater Beirut 01-Sep-2012 31-May-2016 Closed UNICEF $125,000
Towards Sustainable Solutions for Improved Living Conditions of Palestine Refugees in Lebanon 01-Apr-2012 31-Dec-2016 Closed UNDP (incl. one UN fund) $1,096,774
Al Fayhaa City Development Strategy: Capacity Building 01-Oct-2010 31-Mar-2011 Closed Al Fayhaa Union of Municipalities $40,980
The Recovery and Reconstruction of Nahr El-Bared Palestinian Refugee Camp and Conflict Affected Areas of North Lebanon 01-Jan-2010 30-Jun-2010 Closed IBRD/World Bank $90,000
Improved Municipal Governance for Effective Decentralization 01-Jun-2009 31-May-2016 Closed Italy, Italy $725,250
Integrated Support to the Rehabilitation of Nahr El Bared camp adjacent area, Lebanon 01-Aug-2008 31-Dec-2009 Closed European Commission, UNDP (incl. one UN fund) $348,880
Enhancing the recovery of Nahr el Bared Surrounding community 01-Jun-2008 31-Dec-2008 Closed UNDP (incl. one UN fund) $82,699
Good Governance for Post war Reconstruction 01-Mar-2008 31-Dec-2011 Closed Cyprus, Finland, Cyprus, Finland $1,736,912
Mobile Reconstruction Unit for Shelter Recovery and Support to affected families in Southern Lebanon and Bekaa. 01-Sep-2007 31-Dec-2009 Closed European Commission $496,235
Good Governance For Enhanced Post-War Reconstruction - An Integrated Approach to Respond to Shelter Recovery in Southern Lebanon 01-Jun-2007 31-Dec-2010 Closed Netherlands, American University of Beirut, Netherlands $1,095,238
Support to the shelter recovery & neighbourhood upgrading in South B 01-May-2007 31-Dec-2009 Closed European Commission $921,524

Implementing Partners registered in Lebanon

Partner Partner Category
Al Bouheira Union of Municipalities Local Authority
Al Fayhaa Union of Municipalities Local Authority
Azm and Saade Association Civil society
Baalbeck Municipality Local Authority
Basmeh and Zeitooneh Lebanese Association
Bekaa El Awsat Union of Municipalit Local Authority
Common Space Initiative- Lebanon Civil society
GAME Lebanon
Jabel Amel Union of Municipalities Local Authority
Municipality of Aramta Local Authority
Municipality of Bazorieh Local Authority
Municipality of Bourj Hammoud Local Authority
Municipality of El Addousieh Local Authority
Municipality of El Rihane Local Authority
Municipality of Kfar Chouba Local Authority
Municipality of Kfar Melki Local Authority
Municipality of Nabatieh Al Tahta Local Authority
Municipality of Rmeich Local Authority
Sahl Union of Municipalities Local Authority
Saida Municipality Local Authority
The Popular Aid for Relief and Development Civil society
UNDP-Lebanon UN Agencies
Union of Municipalities for Al Gharb El Aala Local Authority
Union of Municipalities for Iklim Al Tifah Local Authority
Union of Municipalities of Sahel Local Authority
Union of Tyre Municipalities Local Authority
Utopia Association

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