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Declaration of the First Global Stakeholder Forum of the First UN Habitat Assembly

By on 06/06/2019

Our Preamble

We, the participants at the first Global Stakeholders Forum held during 25 and 26 May 2019 on the eve of the first UN Habitat Assembly at Nairobi, recalling the historic and indispensable role of partners in sustainable human settlement development since 1976, hereby commit ourselves to innovative and more effective cooperation in delivering sustainable urbanization and development. We draw on the voices of more than 200 diverse Forum participants, including women, indigenous peoples, youth, older persons, people with disabilities, grassroots organizations, civil society, national and subnational governments, trade unions and workers, professionals, researchers, academia, foundations, business, media, slum dwellers and faith-based communities, from different regions working on sustainable development areas and capabilities. We enthusiastically applaud the Member States and UN-Habitat for their recognition of the need for strong stakeholder engagement in the implementation of the New Urban Agenda toward achieving the SDGs, Paris Agreement, the Sendai Framework and other international global policies for sustainable urban development and environmental protection, and regional agreements such as African Agenda 2063 and Asian Vision 2035. We commit to eradicating all forms of inequality and barriers to equitable governance and development in human settlements, as practiced especially against women, female-headed households, youth, children and other marginalized groups such as the poor, stigmatized ethnic groups, older persons and people with disabilities. We will work toward inclusive, prosperous, vibrant and sustainable human settlements, by improving the quality of lives, safety, livelihoods, affordability, and accessibility of all by realizing rights to land, property and other economic assets, secure tenure, adequate housing, transport, mobility, education, health, essential infrastructure and basic services, especially in conflict- and disaster-affected regions. We commit to working with women’s and grassroots women’s organizations as strategic actors and partners in these efforts.


Declaration of the First Global Stakeholder Forum of the First UN Habitat Assembly

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