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Collection: International guidelines on Urban Territorial Planning

都市と国土計画に係る 国際ガイドライン
Международные рекомендации по городскому и территориальному планированию (IG -UTP)
Directrices Internacionales sobre Planificación Urbana y Territorial
المبادئالتوجيهيةالدولية بشأنالتخطيطالحضري والإقليمي
International Guidelines on Urban and Territorial Planning

International Guidelines on Urban and Territorial Planning

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The need for planning cannot be over-emphasized. Urbanization is progressing rapidly and by 2050, seven out of ten people will be living in cities. Inappropriate policies, plans and designs have led to inadequate spatial distribution of people and activities, resulting in proliferation of slums, congestion, poor access to basic services, environmental degradation, and social inequity and segregation. More info →
Panduan Internasional tentang Perencanaan Kota dan Wilayah
Hướng dẫn quốc tế về quy hoạch đô thị và vùng lãnh thổ
Diretrizes Internacionais para Planejamento Urbano e Territorial
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