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Zambia: Kitwe Urban Profile

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In Zambia, the profiling was undertaken under the leadership of national and local authorities. This initiative has been carried out locally in Lusaka, Lilongwe and Kitwe as well as nationally. The Kitwe Urban Profile focuses on the findings of a desk-study, interviews with key actors and a citywide consultation with key urban actors and institutions.

Consultation participants agreed to address the salient urban issues including poverty, insecurity, corruption, pollution and crime all problems that negatively affect investments and economic development. A consensus was reached on priority interventions in the form of programme and project proposals to be implemented.


Series: Urban Profiles
Years: 2009
Collections: Urban Profiles
Publisher: UN-Habitat
HS Number: 1164/09E
No of Pages: 44
ISBN: 9789211321302

Zambia: Kitwe Urban Profile

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