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Country Activities Report 2009

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This report carries short summaries of each of UN-HABITAT’s country activities. These reference sheets include: the total project or programme cost, partner institutions, background objectives, activities and results.

The report is divided into six sections with the first section devoted to global and inter-regional programmes, followed by five sections describing UN-HABITAT’s activities in each region: Africa, the Arab States, Asia and the Pacific, Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean. In the past this document was focused on operational activities. In line with the Medium Term Strategic and Institutional Plan (MTSIP) it now covers all country activities of UN-HABITAT.


Years: 2009
Collections: UN-Habitat Annual Reports
Publisher: UN-Habitat
HS Number: 1100/09
No of Pages: 322
ISBN: 9789211320664

Country Activities Report 2009

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