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Evaluation of the Cooperation Agreement Between UN-Habitat and Sweden 2012-2015 (2/2016)
End-of-Project Evaluation: Identification of Best Practices, Policies and Enabling Legislation in the Local Delivery of Basic Urban Services (Phase 2) 1/2015
Evaluation of the Open UN-Habitat Transparency Initiative 1/2016
Evaluation of BASF Stiftung UN-Habitat Programme Contribution Towards Sustainable Development, December 2014
DIME TU PLAN: Plan Integral de Desarrollo para el periodo 2016-2026.

DIME TU PLAN: Plan Integral de Desarrollo para el periodo 2016-2026.

En el 2016 el Área Metropolitana de Bucaramanga se consolidará como un territorio próspero que ha logrado su desarrollo territorial desde un enfoque multidimensional, superando los límites del desarrollo puramente económico al garantizar altos niveles de equidad, inclusión social y calidad de vida para sus habitantes More info →
Misión Sistema de Ciudades

Misión Sistema de Ciudades

El futuro del país está indisolublemente ligado al futuro de sus ciudades. Tres de cada cuatro colombianos viven en zonas urbanas, que generan el 85% del PBI nacional. Colombia debe asegurar que las ciudades sean más productivas para facilitar e impulsar el desarrollo, al tiempo que se generen mejores condiciones de vida para sus habitantes y se consolide un territorio sostenible para las generaciones futuras. More info →
UN-Habitat Country Programme Document 2016 – 2019, Afghanistan
Guidelines for Urban Planning in Myanmar
UN-Habitat Support to Sustainable Urban Development in Kenya – Volume 2
Evaluation of Participatory Review of Egyptian Planning and Related Urban Development Legislation to Support Sustainable Urban Development, April 2016
World Cities Report 2016: Urbanization and Development – Emerging Futures

World Cities Report 2016: Urbanization and Development – Emerging Futures

The analysis of urban development of the past twenty years presented in this maiden edition of the World Cities Report shows, with compelling evidence, that there are new forms of collaboration and cooperation, planning, governance, finance and learning that can sustain positive change. The Report unequivocally demonstrates that the current urbanization model is unsustainable in many respects. It conveys a clear message that the pattern of urbanization needs to change in order to better respond to the challenges of our time, to address issues such as inequality, climate change, informality, insecurity, and the unsustainable forms of urban expansion. More info →
UN-Habitat Country Programme Document 2016 – 2021 – Uganda
National Urban Policy: A Guiding Framework
County Engagement Framework for Kenya
GIS Handbook for Municipalities

GIS Handbook for Municipalities

This handbook serves as an introductory guide to geographic information system (GIS) technology for local government and other interested stakeholders. It suggests some common opportunities for GIS application, the benefits a GIS provides to users, and what is required to set up a GIS and sustain it. More info →
المبادئالتوجيهيةالدولية بشأنالتخطيطالحضري والإقليمي
Directrices Internacionales sobre Planificación Urbana y Territorial
Local Law Making In Cape Town: A Case Study Of The Municipal Planning By-Law Process. Urban Legal Case Studies | Volume 4
The Evolution of National Urban Policies – A Global Overview
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