About the Alliance

The Global Alliance is a multi-stakeholder initiative made up of a broad membership that also includes actors not traditionally considered humanitarian responders: development actors, urban professionals such as planners, architects and engineers, and local authority networks.

The Alliance will provide knowledge, build capacities and develop data-informed and evidence-based approaches in order to more effectively prevent, prepare for, and respond to humanitarian crises in urban settings; ultimately contributing to longer term, recovery, development and resilience building efforts.

The Alliance is an initiative that arose out of consultations for the World Humanitarian Summit, during which a number of committed organisations led an urban expert group and developed a series of Urban Recommendations which are reflected in the Synthesis Report for the Summit. The Alliance is the vehicle through which these recommendations will be put into action. It is guided by a series of principles as laid out in the Urban Crises Charter

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Global Alliance for Urban Crises WHS Brief - Final

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Global Alliance for Urban Crises Recommendations for WHS - Final

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Global Alliance for Urban Crises Charter for WHS - Final

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