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Committee of Permanent Representatives

The Committee of Permanent Representatives (CPR) serves as the Governing Council’s permanent inter-sessional subsidiary organ to address issues arising between the biennial Governing Council meetings. The CPR’s main functions are as follows:

  • To review and monitor, within the policy and budgetary framework provided by the Governing Council, the implementation of the work programme of UN-Habitat, as well as the implementation of Governing Council decisions;
  • To review the draft work programme and budget of UN-Habitat;
  • To prepare draft decisions and resolutions for consideration by the Governing Council;

The Committee of Permanent Representatives has at least four regular meetings, or sessions, each year, and it is assisted by working group meetings on various topics. Its membership is open to all permanent representatives (usually ambassadors or foreign envoys) of the member states of the UN accredited to UN-Habitat.

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