United Nations Advisory Committee of Local Authorities (UNACLA)

UNACLA is a legacy of Habitat II in 1996. It was constituted as “an advisory body that would serve the purpose of strengthening the international dialogue with local authorities involved in the implementation of the Habitat Agenda” (Governing Council Resolution 17/18 of 1999).

UNACLA is an advisory body to UN-Habitat with a global representation and global scope to its mandate. UN-Habitat is the focal point for local governments within the UN system. The UNACLA Secretariat is hosted within UN-Habitat.

Through UNACLA, UN-Habitat has had an effective and strategic way for collaborating with, and obtaining inputs from a well-organized and geographically represented group of local authorities. 

Since its founding, UNACLA has helped enable local authorities as a body to provide substantive inputs to the work program of UN-Habitat and has advised the Executive Director on several strategic issues. Examples include promoting the international dialogue and guidelines on decentralization and access to basic services, and localizing the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).

UNACLA is also one of the means by which UN-Habitat’s key messages on sustainable urban development – from the perspective of local governments – are communicated during major forums.

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